Tuesday, October 24, 2017


You wouldn't build a house without a foundation right?  Same holds true with training to be an artist. In fact, anything you chose to do in life you will require training.  In the performing arts, it is the fundamental piece to success.

You cannot and should not by any means get on any stage without proper training.  If this is your chosen field, respect it.  I've witnessed so many people who take one acting class and suddenly they assume they are professional actors.  They show complete disrespect for the profession, and soon find themselves criticized by others or drop out because they can't compete.  The same holds true for dance.  There are people who call themselves dancers, but in reality their only skill is social dancing. 

Training will open doors and give you longevity.  Most importantly it will allow you to do what you want to do most... perform.  It is a highly competitive field, you need to be ready for what's ahead.  Opportunities only knock once, if you are not ready for when they arise, they'll be gone forever.  Prepare.

Get ready, because there's no way around it.  To become a professional performer, and what I mean by "professional" is to make a living at it,  you need years of training in several disciplines.  (More on being a "professional" later.)  Find the right programs and schools and train.  Read all the books you can and learn about the business.  Find yourself a mentor to guide you.  Be open to learning.  I've been in Show business for over forty years and I'm still learning.

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